About us

Short Description of Wall of Humanity:

The concept of 'Wall of Humanity' is to make a simple public wall transform into a social welfare center. It was launched in February 2016 by Pakistani Boy, Rohayl Varind with the sole purpose to win war against poverty & hunger. Through this wall every week hundreds of people get free food, free ration, free medical checkup, free medicines, free clothes, free shoes, etc. It is an endeavor par excellence towards alleviating our species and taking humanity one step further to being called 'Best of Creations'. Wall of Humanity has served around 100,000 people in the last 5 years. Also known as Deewar E Insaniyat, دیوار انسانیت Manuskichi Bhint, Humanity Wall, माणुसकीची भिंत

How is our Wall of Humanity different from others?

Wall of Humanity was started with an aim to make simple walls to work as welfare centres. From our Walls of Humanity we provide free cooked food, free medical checkup, free medicines, free ration, free milk as well as free clothes and shoes. Almost every week we organise events on our different Walls of Humanity. Thousands of people have received benefits from our work at Walls of Humanity. We aim to serve 1 million people by the end of 2025

Long Description of Wall of Humanity:

Wall of Humanity  is not just any other wall; it's a solemn dream. A dream which was perceived by a young boy, Rohayl Varind who wanted to feed and help poor of his species. He visioned a welfare center but due to lack of support and funds it remained unachieved for several years.

He wanted to start something different yet hassle free, and much less complicated in order to be easily replicated. An idea that would never require spending millions over cliché welfare center contructions or any other pompous affairs for that matter. So he created a simple yet effective welfare wall instead, which would be open to all, day or night. A place where the weaker sections of the city would get free clothes, free shoes, free cooked food, household items, books, free medical checkup, free education and many more daily amenities without having to beg or plead for any of it to anyone ever.

It was only a crude idea for which at first he sought the help of The Almighty, but never did he expect it to be so successful that it would not just remain functional for so long, but also thrive and flourish at the hands of so many now permanent team members & volunteers who dedicate their precious time & energy in this mission for upbringing of humanity without desiring or expecting any worldly gains.

Since February 2016 since the 'Wall of Humanity' team has been actively providing cooked food, clothes, books, household items like wheat, rice, oil etc. and medical checkup to people of Faisalabad, all for free. Moreover it is open for the donors 24×7 to donate their clothes, shoes, books, toys, household items or anything useful for that matter that the poor and underprivileged ones can take from the wall. We also organise a proper donation activity once a week in which we donate things in large bulks. We have started this war against poverty and we'll fight this war till our last breath. Alhamdullilah, Faisalabad has supported this well and given an amazing response by volunteering and donating. Our team is working day in and day out to make this 'Wall of Humanity' a successful and optimistic model which every country, every city, every NGO, can follow someday in ordee to eliminate the crises that major portion of mankind suffers from today. Let's hope that soon we can proudly say that we contributed enough to make our future generations see a much better world than today.

Despite of being the brainchild of just one person - Rohayl Varind, this wall is now owned by several thousands of countrymen living in Pakistan & worldwide. This has only been possible because of Almighty Allah's incessant help and constant perseverance of our team, volunteers & donors. We are grateful for all those who supported us so far and hope for more graciousness in future from more of our privileged kind.

How sustainable is our project over the long term? Outlined potential challenges, strategies and development.

Our project 'Wall of Humanity' has the advantage of being novel as well as sustainable, since we chalked it out to be the most important factor to be upheld before its launch. The concept is very simple; we made “Wall of Humanity” a common center or you can say a welfare center which is always open for humanity. Generous donors as well as underprivileged people of Faisalabad, Pakistan could visit the wall as per their wishes in the daytime and share and gain happiness without any barriers or formalities. We have built four such 'walls' so far at prime locations of Faisalabad which are easily accessible to all.

Donors can leave viable food items, ration, clothes, shoes, books etc. at our 'Wall of Humanity' and underprivileged ones can choose the items of necessity as available according to their need within minutes of donation. Owing to its simplicity, 'Wall of Humanity' has now become the hope of thousands of needy city mates living in Faisalabad.

Currently by the grace of Almighty, we have not yet faced any challenge, hurdles or obstacles of any kind owing to  its simple concept and impeccable implementation by generous volunteers. So far we have humbly served around 100,000 people since its launch in February 2016 and we are planning to serve and help more than 1 million people by the end of 2025. For this purpose we have planned to partner with several NGOs & welfare organizations so that they can build more of such walls uniformly in their own city or area. We plan to rescue from poverty and hunger every third world country by the means of 'Wall of Humaity' which shall then be managed by locals of that city or area.
Moreover, we plan to erect more such 'Walls' at different cities in our country soon in order to provide everyone a fair chance to serve and receive benefits from our project. We are also planning to make 'mobile version' of our 'Wall of Humanity' in different slums & underprivileged areas which are usually  hard to access for our government, NGOs or welfare organisations..

Apart from all this, we are creating awareness through national news channels, social media pages etc. The project and idea is overall a very sustainable one & easy to replicate anywhere and everywhere across the globe if we could spread awareness righteously.

Youth component in our project (project management, target group, partners, etc)?

According to several researches and stats its proven that youth consist of around 65% of Pakistan’s total population which means without support of our youngsters it would be difficult or to be more specific it would be rather impossible for any initiative, attempt, movement or project to succeed or reach its desired results.

Wall of Humanity has itself been founded & head by a 21 year old youngster. Apart from that our majority supporters comprise of the youth of Faisalabad and Pakistan for all of our work i.e. from being a donor or taking part in volunteer work or even for the promotion of our cause. Without their humble help, we could not have achieved our best!

What are the unique value & local impact of our project?

The unique way by which 'Wall of Humanity' is serving people has hardly been witnessed in the history of any part of the World. We are working on streets for the poor people living on those same streets. We provide food, ration, clothes, shoes, medical checkup, and medicines at a simple wall which are built on different streets of Faisalabad and accessible to every person.

Since the launch of Wall of Humanity we have served around 28,000 underprivileged people of our city who would otherwise commit suicide due to lack of basic necessities or gets involved in immoral and illegal activities. But with the implementation of this project, by the grace of Almighty Allah we have achieved hundreds of success stories. Many people have recovered from gruesome diseases by receiving free medical checkup & free medicines from our acclaimed & renowned doctors at our 'Wall of Humanity'. Widows & orphans have received several employment opportunities so that they can be independent and feed their family and themselves on their own. No words can describe the elation we conquered. It is an unbelievable feeling! With 'Wall of Humaity' at their disposal, people do not need to beg on streets or be commercial sex workers or even resort to crimes to attain daily needs. We are providing all basic and necessary goods that someone needs to live. Even the elderly who have been estranged by their own children do not need to beg or commit suicide just because they are too old to earn or to be employed. We have vowed to provide them food for at least a week.

For our humble work, we have been featured and interviewed by several leading news channels of Pakistan as well as have featured in their headlines of newspapers too. Many local NGO’s, youth and welfare organisations are taking inspiration from our work & have started something on similar grounds for the community & society thereby playing a vital role in uplifting humanity. We aim with sincere hearts to reach out to everyone in need across the globe in near future and play our modest role as humans for the destitute ones of our kind.

Our project goals in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Which local problem is our initiative solving?

The prime focus of Wall of Humanity is on first 3 goals of UN Sustainable Development

Our first goal is to End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition so that we could provide free food, free ration bags, free milk and other healthy nutritional foods to underprivileged people of Faisalabad every week through our Wall of Humanity.

Secondly end poverty in all its forms everywhere is one of our main goal and prime objective as well as an inspiration for our organization name, “War Against Poverty”. Clearing poverty from the face of the world is the primary motive of starting Wall of Humanity. To achieve this, we are creating employment opportunities for the widows and orphans of our city Faisalabad. We collect data at our Wall of Humanity of these orphans and widows which are poverty stricken and can not earn their living. After due verification, we provide them with free sewing machines or anything of which they know the skill of, to make them self-employed and assist thereby to earn their living themselves without having to beg.

Moreover, we are also trying to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages as our charitable doctors at Wall of Humanity try their best to provide quality treatment as well as free medicines to the underprivileged people of Faisalabad. We have so far achieved 100% cure rates of several diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Hepatitis etc. of which we had undertaken treatment. We are also planning to organize different seminars at Wall of Humanity for educating the masses regarding HIV/AIDS, malaria and other common regional diseases to create awareness amongst our community.

The 'Wall of Humanity' is thus extremely in sync with the latest SDGs and would honestly serve a higher purpose in near future for the impoverished and needy fellows of our species, thereby creating equal opportunities and better lifestyles for thousands of people across the globe. We hope to thereby achieve a much better world then!

Our initiative is going Viral in India as well. What we have to say about it?

From the start of February 2016, Our team is working day in and day out to make this 'Wall of Humanity' a successful and optimistic model which every country, every city, every NGO, can follow someday in order to eliminate the crises that major portion of mankind suffers from today. Let's hope that soon we can proudly say that we contributed enough to make our future generations see a much better world than today. I am not disappointed that Indians are using our model and our initiative name but not giving us credits or mentioning about us. We wanted this model to spread and this is spreading all over the world and we are really happy that after many months our model & idea is being replicated and thousands of people are getting benefits from it.