Wall of Humanity in Nagpur, India

Made in November 2016

This Wall of Humanity in Nagpur, India started by Raylo Foundation. In Marathi language Wall of Humanity is written. We have posted the screenshots of the posts of the local residents of  Nagpur too. 

Wall of Humanity is a wall transformed into a welfare center this initiative was taken by Rohayl Varind in February 2016 to win War Against Poverty after hardwork & struggle of several months now this idea & model is widely popular and is being replicated in India as well as other countries.

Since February 2016, "Wall of Humanity" team has been actively providing cooked food, clothes, books, household items like wheat, rice, oil etc. and medical checkup along with medicines all for free. Moreover it is open for the donors 24×7 to donate their clothes, shoes, books, toys, household items or anything useful for that matter that the poor and underprivileged ones can take from the wall. We have started this "War Against Poverty" and we'll fight this war till our last breath.

Rohayl Varind is working day in and day out to make 'Wall of Humanity' a successful and optimistic model which every country, every city, every NGO, can follow someday in order to eliminate the crises that major portion of mankind suffers from today. Let's hope that soon we can proudly say that we contributed enough to make our future generations see a much better world than today.